A New Theory of Zombie Apocalypse Survival?

I thought I knew all about surviving the undead apocalypse. According
to whoever wrote the newest survival guide None Left Undead what I
knew was wrong. Catching zombies in barbed wire nets, fighting zombies
with a spear and shield, shooting zombies in the knees with potatoes?
That's a pretty wierd list.

I enjoyed the first part of the book the most. He talks about what
kind of survival groups there are going to be out there like the motor-
cycle gangs and the Amish. There are some really good quotes like,
"Don't try to join the %1er motorcycle gangs, though. You weren't
a brother before the apocalypse and that hasn't changed."

Then the book moves on to describe how to influence and control
groups of people, citing obscure research done in the '70s and some
lab rat studies. It's hilarious. Then more stuff on keeping survival
groups organized and taking over neighborhoods and that kind of thing.

It's a short read at a scant 103 pages. Must have been a good book,
though, because when I got the end I was a little sad wishing there
was about a hundred pages more of the same. I give it 4 out of 5 stars
for originality.

Number one lesson I learned from the book? "There's nothing sexier
than a machete wielding momma with a grenade in her pocket."

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