Astaroth Demon Rising-out of the shadows

by Larry Edward Johnson
(Fallon Nevada, 89406- U.S.A.)

With the end of the Myan calendar coming,lot of folks are distressed,thinking this could be the end of all things.This fear inspired me to write Astaroth Demon Rising.This book has it all,if you like stories that keep you up at night.


The setting is a place called Marsh Hills,a fictitious town in the beautiful state of Maryland.The time of normalcy,has all but passed as news reports around the world give rise to fears and talk of impending doom as the approach of an unidentified object of tremendous size,is hurling through space,on a direct collision course with the earth.

Destiny is her name,and many believe she's on her way to keep an appointment;the time of her arrival is set right on schedule with the end of the Mayan calendar,and the end of days.Others are not concerned; their faith is firmly planted in the Scriptures.

Pastor Josh McQue, is one of those faithful few. Astaroth Demon Rising is a lot of things,it's the unknown,and the uncertainty that stalks our weary minds,as the light of day dissolves into darkness.It's the unanswered questions of life and death,and what glories or horrors wait beyond the grave.

A watch can stop unexpectedly,and so can life on earth,given the proper mix of events. Astaroth Demon Rising is a story of hope or faith, in something other than ourselves,the words of a prophet,or those etched in ancient stone tablets, predicting the end of days,such as the Mayan calendar,

2012 will be the end of all things if the Mayan's got it right.Many believe it's true,others don't, what we do know is,they predicted every solar and lunar eclipse until this day.

Is that enough reason for concerned? Perhaps not, but 2012 will come.
What of the prophets, could it be they might have had it right? After all,the accuracy of their prophecies have astounded the world and made believers of countless millions.

Astaroth Demon Rising is a fictional story; it begins at the dawning of the end of days,as fear envelopes the globe.Death and evil,ascends from the abyss,to torment mankind.

Satan's,demons take pleasure in their new found freedoms,and the power to deceive the nations as the world descends into a supper natural orgy of bloody violence,and degradation,that would make the dark ages seem more like the days of enlightenment.

Satan,and his demon,are faced with a horror of their own,with their fate being sealed since the time of their rebellion,before life on earth began.

If the Biblical scriptures are correct,their sentence will be carried out,and they will be cast into the lake of fire to be tormented day and night forever.Astaroth Demon Rising is a riveting story,where the ultimate Good versus the ultimate evil.

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