BRIMSTONE -- the Graphic Novel

by Brian McCarthy
(Los Angeles, CA)

Brimstone Cover #1A by Greg Horn

Brimstone Cover #1A by Greg Horn

Brimstone Cover #1A by Greg Horn
Brimstone Cover #1B by Ben Templesmith
An interior page from the new series!

BRIMSTONE by Michael Lent and Brian McCarthy
Being released by Zenescope this May

It's the height of the Civil War when a mining company loses contact with Brimstone, the most valuable gold stake ever found in the High Sierras. With all the honest men at war, the desperate mining investors puts together a collection of outlaws, killers and thieves to re-take Brimstone ... by any means necessary.

Led by "The Viper," a brooding gunslinger whose brutal exploits are the stuff of Western legend, the vicious posse finds the bullet-ridden town empty, but its gold stores untouched. What they don't discover until they're trapped by the shifting shadows of night is a curse that has turned the miners' lust for gold into a fever for human flesh. In Brimstone, the most feared men in the West have finally found the very heart of fear.

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