Clean to the Bone

by Will Brennan
(Salem, MA )

Suburban accountant Edgar becomes infected by a lone zombie and suddenly his dull, routine life turns very exciting. Told from Edgar’s point of view, the novel follows him as he takes his now undead dog Daisy and an undead 17 year old stoner, Dave, through suburbia – an unholy trio feeding at whim. Then they travel north and wind up at a zombie refuge in Middlebury, VT. This large group of the undead is lead by the charismatic Arthur, who has plans to take over the world, or at least Vermont.

At times horror, at times satire, humorous and completely original, “Clean to the Bone” brings the zombie genre into the realm of Kurt Vonnegut and Jonathan Swift, an unexpected literary pleasure. Read, enjoy, savor... "Clean to the Bone" is a meal for the mind and the senses.

Part 2 coming this summer

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