Cold Faith and Zombies - the novel

by Sean Thomas Fisher
(Des Moines, Iowa)

Cold Faith and Zombies is now available through and
Don't get left out in the cold when the dead come knocking on your door.

Bump in the Night Publishing is proud to present Sean Thomas Fisher's chilling novel, COLD FAITH AND ZOMBIES, at 76,000 words.

When the power goes out it doesn't take long for the walking dead to go from CNN to Paul’s front door. With his wife, Sophia, and trusty friend, Dan, at his side Paul gets them guns, a siphon-kit and a plan to head south, because if the rotting corpses don’t get them, the freezing Iowa temps will.

Overnight, Paul goes from the unemployment line to the front line in a battle against darkness, where they are the only law now. However, his swelling confidence propels them towards tragedy, putting his faith to the ultimate test while the fate of others hangs in the balance.

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