Dead And Surviving, Chapter One "January"

by Mark Gulino

Like zombies? We do to! That's why we created Dead And Surviving, a book about the zombie apocalypse.

Dead And Surviving's first chapter, "January" is now available for Kindle/Nook apps and devices

At the dawn of a new year, a mysterious plague sweeps across North America, killing all it comes into contact with and bringing them back to life as undead zombies. Harold Saint survived the initial onslaught but lost everyone he knew and loved to the zombie hordes who now wander his New Jersey home. Armed only with a journal, whatever he can scavenge, and his keen wit, he attempts to continue living in this treacherous new world as the undead stalk his every move.

Dead And Surviving is released on a chapter by chapter basis. For more information please visit or check us out on facebook at

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