by Thomas Newman


Its me again Thomas Newman the Writer/Producer and Director of the cult hit film BONG OF THE DEAD which you all helped promote during my campaign in 2011. I would like to personally reach out and thank you all once again for your efforts in helping me push my first feature film to great heights by spreading the word amongst your fans as you did. The reason I'm writing you this time around is because I am very excited to introduce to you my next film titled DEADSVILLE!

DEADSVILLE is yet another passion project for me where I try and do something that has not been done before. This is my twisted version of a Western/Horror/Action/Zombie film! The back drop is the beautiful wild west and the concept is unlike anything you've ever witnessed before. Ive decided to create my own version of the classic story of cowboys vs Indians by incorporating the undead element to the plot. The result is an action film with high octane and so much production value that it will literally jump off the screen because I also plan on shooting it in 3D with the latest 3D technology available!

My team and I are planning to shoot a featurette in May so that we can entice investors to invest the desired budget for the entire feature length film. I have assembled a strong team of people who I know can deliver the best quality of work in their respected fields. Once again I have Make-Up FX guru and Co-Producer Mike Fields on board with his masterful Make-Up design. I also have the technical genius of Andres Santana who is one of the most talented Sound Designers yet to be discovered. In addition I have a great Director of Photography by the name of Gabriel Medina and a solid gifted internal PR personal by the name of Roy White who is the mastermind behind Google optimization for all my web content. I have also had the great opportunity to team up with one of the local industries biggest names in stunts, film and Television. Danny Virtue of Virtue Studios may be jumping on board as Co-Producer as well bringing mass production value to the film with his army of horses, stunt men and 100's of acres of raw BC forests compelte with western 18th century western towns.

I would love to work with all of you once again in getting the word out for DEADSVILLE by providing you with any Q&A's as well as high resolution pictures of the sets and make-up which is in development. If DEADSVILLE interests you please forward your questions to this email and i will get them back to you asap. Than you in advance for your help!


1859 - Arizona - Wild West. When the town of Famine falls into financial hard times, the town’s folk commit an unthinkable crime. With a bail out offer from the rail company promising a direct rout right to their doorsteps, it’s too good to pass up. The only problem is the valley which the rail company proposes to build their new railroad happens to be right dead smack in the middle of active Apache Indian territory. Sheriff Byron Zedock who is as much an outlaw as he is the law summons the town to a meeting where he intimidatingly convinces them to take the offer. The whole town agrees except the blacksmith who wants no part of the massacre. Despite the Blacksmiths plea, the sheriff moves ahead as planned and leads a posse of armed men who in a single day annihilate the entire tribe leaving only ashes in their wake. Once the tribe is completely wiped out a couple posse members accidentally stumble upon a young woman and her husband who were in hiding during the attack. They order them out from their hiding spot only to realize that the husband is a giant man towering almost 7 feet tall. The sheriff orders his men to free the wounded woman expecting she will die on her own but take her husband hostage so that he could be sold in town at the slave auction. During the auction the black smith buys the large man out of pity and takes him under his care. Months pass by as the rest of the town prepares for the arrival of the rail company. One day the sheriff’s right hand man who also happens to be his only son brutally rapes and murders the black smiths daughter. When the town finds out about the murder and demands justice, the sheriff frames the giant Indian and hands him over to the town’s folk. They drag him into the town square then beat, torture and set his body on fire leaving his corpse for the vultures. That night during a full moon the dead Indians wife returns with a shaman and steals his body. They take him back into the hills where an old Indian ritual is performed resurrecting him from the dead. Once he has returned from the grave he is unleashed onto the town with a vengeance raining hell fire on everyone responsible. During an epic finale battle sequence hundreds of zombie Indians on horse back take the town by storm in a western style gory battle to the finish.
When Justice fails...evil prevails!


Thomas Newman

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