Exit Stage Braaiinnssss: Bringing Night of the Living Dead to Stage—Sans Zombies

by Emily Kaiser
(Washington, D.C.)

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

Photo by Darrow Montgomery

This week, Washington City Paper has a story about a new zombie theatrical production that could be hitting stages in D.C. and NYC soon. It's a take on Night of the Living Dead meant to be a serious take on zombies, not campy:

When Smith decided to bring Night of the Living Dead to the stage, the goal wasn’t to create a campy or humorous take on the film, but to capture its sense of fear and foreboding, and its parallels to modern life... He says theatrical organizations in New York and D.C. are currently considering the musical, but won’t say which—or even who attended the Kensington reading—for fear of jinxing his undead brainchild."

Read the full story here:

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