how does the zombie infection spread?

by Zajid Ali

well the zombie virus spreads when a infected bites a non infected from there the virus enters the humans main bloodstream and travells up to the brain and attacks the cereble cortex whitch controls human and animal actions whitch leads to drasticly change causing lunging biting and scratching. the zombie has increased streanth making it almost invurnble to any attack so DO NOT fight a zombie with your bare hands or else you will get infected and turn in a zombie. here is another good idea barrackade your house and wait for help to arrive if help doesnt arrive you will have to find a evac station by yourself remember you need both your brains and your brawn if your have only brawn you will attack the ifected without a plan and possibly get killed and if you have to many brains you might not even fight the infected and again get killed so you must have both brains and brawn remember my tips you will survive the zombie apocolypse. i hope i meet some new survivors this is my 2nd blog post well thats it i will keep you updated with new post as i gather more infomation oh and i almost forgot there was a soviet experiment in 1930 to test if it was possible to reanimated(bring back to life dead animals) and results were that it IS possible bring dead things back to life this was done by tubes that were inserted in to the dead object blood was pumped in one tube and oxegen in the caused the dead object to come back to life i know its creepey.remember a updade will come every week

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