How to Become an Expert Zombie Killer!

by Alec

After seeing Zombieland and reading Max Brook's Zombie Survival Guide, you think your ready for the zombie horde! But really, there's more to it.

Melee Weapons:
Technically, you would think that a machete or a chainsaw will do the job, but what about your health? What if the zombie's blood splattered on you and you had no face protection? There obviously has to be some kind of bacteria or chemical in their blood, letting the blood go into your eyes or maybe the cuts you've obtained. Therefore, you should wear a face mask and cover your cuts. And really, you should use melee weapons if they are spread out.
My recommended Weapons:
Bat, Machete, Chainsaw, Golf Club, Kitchen Knives, Axe, Shovel, (Gardening Appliances), Cricket Bat, Hockey Stick, Sword.

A massive group of zombies faces you and now you got to pull out the big guns.
OK, some zombie killers would say that a machine gun (I call them "ammo-wasters") will tear up a zombie. It will, but will take time before the zombie falls, and, if firing full-auto, will be VERY inacurate. What you should have is a shotgun. Shotgun's will take out at least 2-3 zombies at once (Depending on the crowd of zombies).
But there is a downside. Shotguns are extremely loud (really, any weapon is) and will attract attention. So, firearms should be last resort. Remember, HEADSHOTS!
My recommended firearms:
AR, Pistols, Snipers/Rifles, Shotguns. Crossbows?

Alright you crazy kids, get out there and kill some zombies!

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How to Become an Expert Zombie Killer!

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May 23, 2012
by: Zajid Ali

Usually you should use suppresers because the block sound and your right machine guns are highly inaccurate

Jul 12, 2011
Zombie killer 101
by: Anonymous

A semi-automatic rifle is the best. Especially one with a lazer quick spot sight. It has range, stopping power and a high capacity magazine.

You can even tape 2 magazines together for quick reloads, or get a drum magazine....

Pistols with a quick spot would be good too....forget the .44 magnums and the like. Stick with a lower a 9mm or even a .380.

Home made flame throwers are a cool option if you have the time and technical where with all.....just dont try and use it indoors....

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