How to fortifie your Home

by Luke
(Australia, Queensland ,Narangba)

If your a person who lives in a very well populated area say for instance a city. You cant leave your house because you will be ripped apart if you do.So you gotta fortifie your house.

you gotta make at least a perimeter around your house so if you do get charged at, you will at least have time to get ready to go.
You should have alot of food supplies needed for you and your family (if you have one) so you do not need to go to a supermarket which we all know is a risky idea!
Make sure all your windows are bolted with a outer cage of naled on with wood and all doors are to be with very sustainable locks so they dont break inside your house.
Be prepared for ANYTHING!, if there is something coming in the distance and it doesnt look pretty get the @#$% outta there and quick!! and that leads me too a safe way out have a secret exit for you and your family to get out safely and make sure they don follow the way you went so they dont follow you and if you do start one when the zombie thing hasnt started yet make sure the other ends exit is hidden so if your escaping you dont come across another horde of zombies on the other end OK!

Thanks for listinin hope these will eventually come in handy!!

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