How to use the people in the area when infection happens

by Terrell Sr.
(Baltimore MD,21202)

When the (Thing) happens you would want to get ahold of at lease 5-8 people. You can only bring people who are willing to help and get the job done to live, if they have family to worry about and get to: let them go you are not fit for a recue mission yet. In the beginning my best advice to you is to get a large group of pplz but first order of business is to get to a safe place with walls and height. Moving a big crowd is never save but within time they can be trained to move fast and without sound. From the low number of people you have in each household you can find a set number of how much stuff should be gotten each time you go out.... your new grocery list. After you get settled in find out everthing you can about the new area...There goes the neigborhood. Food stores in the are should be first Line of business, clothes stores, After you clear a store or business ,secure lock down of all the ways in and out of the store. Return to the house you now call home. Use water wise for it might be cutting off. Now if you listen to what I have said then within anywhere between weeks and months to have power, food and knowledge of how to protect your self.I know alot of pplz are not crazy about video games but they will help when u sitting around the house bored. Yea while you cant play online you can play with others in the house. The stove does not need to be ran by gas.... Freg can hold milk and eggs, Now comes the fun part to me, Weapons, Dick's sporting goods store will have Baseball bats, lightweight protection gear, Bows and arrows, huntting gear, it would be a preety cool thing to say i can robin hood ur zombie ass*. Information is key when you need to know somthing. The better job you pack means the more stuff you can carry. Value eachothers talent. I have more to say but its a process.

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