Maximize your options, capacity and always look for the double use in an item.


Living with an obsessive older brother, leads you to think about all the possibilities of a zombie outbreak. Just this Christmas i received a bug out pack from him in case of any emergency. Some key things to consider when any disaster rolls around is to think smart, when looking for a weapon of any kind, look at your situation if you are running in a group outfit the group with varied weapons and skills. I am currently learning how to read and follow topographical maps. The weapons and items I am using fit what i do best, melee weapon is key but don't just pick something because it's cool looking, pic something that can be used in a later scenario. If you use a crowbar like me then you can jimmy doors open, open supplies if need be, and take out a few zombies along the way. If you use a katana like most people think is the best, think on the ways it could be used in a different scenario, bottom line if you can't use a weapon in more than one scenario then you probably shouldn't use it. Now here's where some people are going to be all "man, why cant i just use the katana it does the same thing as a machete, it just looks cooler." it may be cooler, but it does far from the same thing, a machete can be used to clear a path in a heavily wooded area, could be used to take down trees and other brush in the area in case you have to make a temporary base camp in the middle of a forest. With firearms it's a different story, always try to use the same rounds as at least one other person in your party, that way if one of you runs out of ammo you can easily call out for more rounds from another. having a balance party is the key to surviving a long term crisis, always stay together and always keep contact with each other, never let someone think that they are capable by themselves you may as well sin their death warrants now.
Until the zombie apocalypse my friends stay frosty out there.

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