Meeting and Merging with other survivors

by strawberry
(holland, the hague)

When you are alone or in a small group during the apocalyptic event be sure to realize that not all survivors/uninfected are kind and helping people. So here are some tips on meeting but more so joining forces with other survivors. Please note that this was written while I was verry tired and that there might be things I missed.


-Don't trust to easily, trauma, fear, loneliness and the lack of police can mess with people

-Always check for bites or other signs of infection

-Never join a group or merge when it is not necessary to your (or your groups) survival

-Never trust on first sight, always keep your weapon close

-When first meeting eachother make sure they understand you don't mean any harm

-When they ask for something see if you can trade before firmly saying 'no' you never know what people might do to get their hands on what they need


When as a group you meet/find another person in need of help and wanting to join, you can help that person without much difficulty most times. However always make sure this person is unarmed before lowering your weapon. Without a weapon one person cannot commit much harm and can actually be of help with either medical knowledge or just someone who can help you fight when being attacked by a horde. When infection is not by definition visible before the change, you can also, if the person is willing, restrain him or her until the change is supposed to happen in order to find out if he or she is infected.


Never trust them first hand, it is better to be safe then sorry and you do not want to suddenly have someone holding a gun to your head and telling you to give them your car. Think it thoroughly through before you forging together. Not every body is easily trusted and it is harder to know if someone from the other group is infected or not. Realize that they might be out on your provision, weapons or other things that they might find useful. Think through if you really need them and if engaging is even necessary.


Being alone can be difficult not only on a psychological level (because your zombie neighbors just really aren't as fun as they used to be) but not having someone covering your back can be difficult as well. Also don't think just because there is another person that you should leave your weapon for even a second.


If you are in need of help, because your low in provisions or simply cannot take it anymore, you can join them if they allow you. However realize you will be if they are friends or family, the most less important person to them. They don't know or trust you.


As a woman things can be a bit more tricky. Sure if you are in need of help someone might help you sooner if you come across as a poor lost little girl, but also realize that feminine looks can have a negative side affect as well.
Not to call all men monsters, but some could get lonely or get the idea that they must increase the number of uninfected humans. So unless you feel like reestablishing human civilization that way, it can be a good idea not to look to pretty. Sure by the time this is a concern you wont be bothering with lip-gloss and foundation but if you are going to be traveling for a period of time it can be a smart idea to just cut off your hair (its only good for zombies to grab you y anyway), wrap some bandages around your chest (these can also come in handy for more traditional purposes as well), and wear unfeminine clothes. Ofcourse some can't pull off the cross-dress look and actualy look male but if you can it might be a smart idea to do so, better safe then sorry.

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Meeting and Merging with other survivors

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Jul 21, 2012
smart guy
by: james

smart but if the girl wants to repopulate then it would be more dangerous cause see would get pregnate and slow down and not be able to do so much as she was able to befor

Oct 03, 2011
very well done and logical
by: Anonymous

I really like your take on this!
I never even thought about the unlucky lonely girl situation either and wow! it just makes sense to watch your back even if it's against non-zombies.

Jun 27, 2011
Good ideas
by: JDW

Some of these tips are actually very insightful. The overall moral: "trust NO ONE". You also need to think about which people in your group could let you down, whether they intend to or not. In other words, watch for people being too petrified to help when it counts, and dont rely on these individuals.
Also good advice about the girls. You should attempt to disguise yourselves if possible. If another group knows that you are female or are travelling with them, their motives might just change. Men are capable of terrible things. And groups of men in a dead world even more so. And to men working with women: train your women dont just protect them. When zombies come they can be just as useful as you.

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