Music for the Zombie Apocalypse

by Collin J. Rae
(Nashville, TN, USA)

Album Cover

Album Cover

So yes I built a digital album (which was released last week) called Music for the Zombie Apocalypse. it came out of a brief conversation with some friends coupled with my long time love affair with Zombie films of the past and present. I first saw Night of the Living Dead with my dad at a midnight showing back in 1976, two years later I saw Dawn of the Dead in its theatrical release. Both of these films scared the crap out of me and found me praying to go there would never be a Zombie uprising in my lifetime. Years and dozens upon dozens of Zombie films later here we areā€¦.my classical music soundtrack to the impeding Zombie Apocalypse. I work for the Naxos label so I had / have an enormous library of recordings at my fingertips. This particular project was a no-brainer for I already had the sound laid out in my head. I just had to match the pieces of music to that. =) Anyhow iTunes is now featuring it on their classical page, I'm very proud of this project and happy that people are responding to it in a great way. Soooo I thought maybe Zombie Hub might share it.

here is the link:

Thank you!

Collin J. Rae

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