my name is steven ive died three times read more to hear my zombie lifestyle

by steven
(bells tx)

Started basically in 9th grade i was 14 played musict for 4 years had a gf and was far too good hearted and i befriended a kid Noone liked cuz he did drugs and had adhd but around me he'd be cool one day my drummer&i were in my computer room looking up metal songs for inspiration and the kid followed us to my house which was okish because he would buy our stuff and when we went to his house he'd always be stocked heavily with snack and hot pockets unfortunately he was one of those dipshit gangster wanna-be's so when he came over I had found he had stolen a 9mm from his oldest brother he decided I should play with it and think he was cool for having it after I said no he began clicking it at my head empty then reloading and unloading it in between clicking it at my head so like the dumbfuck would do he shoots me in the head thinking the chamber was empty I vividly remember choking on blood in the floor after they BOTH ran off in fear the rest was a blur until I woke in a unknown bed surrounded by strangers rushing around skipping many details ill finish with my first thought when i had found out what happened- Am I A zombie?

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