Strain 115: Zombie Movie Screenplay

by Conor
(Northern Idaho)

Strain 115 Script

Act I:
Scene 1: 1956

{Shows scientist sitting at desk. He is writing in a journal. The lights flicker on and off. Outside, gunshots and screams of pain can be heard. A voice over an intercom says “Code Scarlet: Repeat; Code Scarlet. Evacuate immediately.” Scientists voice narrates journal as he writes.}

Scientist: June 28, 1956: Tests regarding Strain 115 have failed miserably. The virus was mutated in some way, likely by the minimal presences of radiation in our missile-base-turned-experimental-lab. Test subjects become highly feverish and pass away within two hours of administration into the blood system. This was a good sign at first, showing Strain 115 could be used for biological warfare, as it was designed. However, within an hour of time of death, deceased subjects would rise again. They show no signs of pain, and they do not respond to any of our attempts to stop them. They show only show a certain… bloodlust. They attack our soldiers relentlessly, without stopping…

{Gunshots die down; Thuds and scratches are heard against the door. Scientist turns back and looks at the door.}

Scientist: They use no weapons. They bite and devour our soldiers. Once bitten the soldiers die quickly, within minutes. And minutes later, they rise and join the ranks of the undead. We are now outnumbered.

{Cut to main entrance being shut off by soldiers. Once closed, cut back to Scientist; Scientist continues to narrate}

Scientist: They seal off the entrances as I write this. I have elected to stay behind, as I have created the virus myself. I fear the worst for humanity. If the virus is to spread… there is little hope. We can only pray that they are able to lock the doors and quarantine the base. As for those left inside; there is no hope. We are to die here, in this Hell.

{Thuds and scratches on door increase; loud moaning can be heard.}

Scientist: We have only two choices. Let them take us, slowly and painfully, or take ourselves. I have chosen the latter. I have found myself too cowardly to face the hordes. This is my final message. I beg of you, forgive me, Molly. {Picks up a picture of a woman and kisses it} Forgive me, Lord. {Puts down pen.}

{Intercom voices stops evacuation warning; Starts screaming}

Intercom: No! NO! AGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!! {Goes silent}

{Scientist opens desk drawer, pulls out revolver. Checks to make sure its loaded, then puts it against his temple}

Scientist: Oh my God, I am hardily sorry for having offended thee…

{Screen goes black, but gunshot is heard; Opening Credits fade in.}

Act II:
Scene 1:

{Twelve friends are driving through a field in a pickup truck. It is winter. There is snow on the ground. Guy 6, Chick 1, and Guy 7 are in the cab, others in the back. Everyone is joking around. They are driving from one town to another, taking a shortcut. People in back are laughing and joking around. Camera focuses on people in cab. Guy 6 is driving.}

Guy 7: God-dang, bro. You drive worse than my freaking grandma.

Guy 6: Well your Grandma’s a damn good driver than (laughs).

Guy 7: You obviously haven’t taken a ride with my grandma.

Guy 6: Nope. I’m not into that kinda stuff. (all three laugh)

Chick 1: (still laughing) Stop it! You guys are disgusting!

Guy 7: (pokes Chick 1) So I’ve been told.

Chick 1: Yeah! I’ll bet!

{Engine dies suddenly.}

Guy 6: What? What the hell happened?

Guy 7: Nice job, dipwad. You killed it.

Guy 6: No. It’s out of gas I think.

Guy 4: (jumps out of back and walks up to cab) What’s going on?

Guy 7: Captain Dumbass here forgot to fill up on gas.

Guy 2: (Hops out of the back and goes and pops the trunk. Steam comes out.) It’s a
lot worse than the gas being out. I’ll try to figure it out.

Guy 4: Are you freakin kidding me? It’s getting dark. What are we gonna do now?

Guy 7: (smirking) Oh well! I guess we’ll all have to cuddle up to stay warm. (pushes
Chick 1 into Guy 6’s lap.)

Chick 1: (Turns and slaps him, but still grinning.)

Guy 6: Come on everyone! It’s starting to get dark. We gotta go find shelter. It’ll be 10 below by midnight.)

Guy 7: (Gets out of truck and goes over to talk to people in back.) Come on everyone! (sarcastically, in Russian accent) Comrade (Guy 6) has told us to find shelter for the motherland. (Turns and bows to Guy 6, who is now getting out of the truck. Everyone laughs, except Guy 6, who flips him off.)

Chick 3: Wait guys! I thought we still had like another half hour of driving! We can’t walk that far! We’ll freeze!

Guy 1: Well do you have a better idea?

Chick 2: Why don’t we just stay here? We can keep going in the morning, cant we? (to Guy 2) You can fix it right?

Guy 2: (Hasn’t been paying much attention to conversation. Is leaning over the truck’s engine.) Doesn’t look like it. Transmission is shot. We need to get someone to tow us into town, I think.

Chick 4: (pulls out phone and looks at screen.) Does anyone have a signal? Cuz I got nothing.

{Everyone checks phones and no one has service}

Guy 1: Well that settles it. We’re going to find shelter. Lead the way (Guy 6)

{Everyone walks away, heading approximately north. It is still relatively light out, but getting darker. Guy 2 runs back to the truck and gets 2 flashlights from the glove compartment.}

Scene II:

{It is completely dark. Guy 6 and Guy 3 are in the front of the group, with the flashlights. They are sweeping ahead, looking for any sign of shelter. The others follow behind, talking to each other quietly. Suddenly Guy 6 Shouts and focuses his flashlight on something about a hundred yards away. It is the missile base. Everyone runs forward toward it. They get to the door. It is closed. There is a message painted on it.}

Guy 3: (Shining flashlight over words and reading aloud) Do not enter; the dead dwell within. Well, damn.

Chick 3: We should go back. That sounds pretty messed up.

Guy 4: Look, (Chick 3), there’s graffiti all over this thing. It’s probably just a joke.

Chick 4: Even if it is a joke, which it probably is, it might be dangerous in there. The floors might be rotten out or something.

Guy 5: Well it doesn’t seem to me like anybody has any better ideas. Hey, MuscleMan (indicating Guy 2) You think you can force this chain off the door?

{Guy 2 nods slowly, then walks up to the chain and grabs it. He leans back, pulling with all of his weight. The chain stays intact.}

Guy 7: (walks over and looks at the lock) It’s pretty rusty. If we had something we could pry it open with, we could probably get it. Everybody look for a big rod or crowbar or something we could use.

{Everybody spreads out, searching all around the area for something they could use. Guy 3 climbs on top of the entrance. He finds an old crowbar beneath the snow.}

Guy 3: Hey! I got something! I think it’ll work.

Guy 2: (Holds up his hand and indicates to throw it down. Guy 3 tosses it to Guy 2) Hey (Guy 7), look out. I got this.

Guy 7: (Still leaning over lock) Ohhh shit. Everyone back up.

{Guy 2 walks to the door and swings the crowbar at the lock. He misses the first time, the crowbar sparking against the door. The second time he hits it perfectly, smashing the lock off.}

Guy 5: MuscleMan saves the day again!

{Guy 2, Guy 6, and Guy 7 push on the door. It is rusted shut, and they have a little bit of trouble breaking it loose. Once they get it loose, it moves easily}

Guy 6: Okay everybody, get inside. We'll find somewhere to sleep tonight in here.


{Everybody ventures into the base, following Guy 2 and Guy 5, who now have the flashlights.}

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Strain 115: Zombie Movie Screenplay

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Jul 27, 2012
Screen play
by: Terrell H

Sorry i forgot my email lol

Jul 27, 2012
Good work
by: Terrell H

Please Email me. I have an idea for a different type of zombie movie. I think you would be interested in this idea.

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