by jacob williams
(penn, pa, USA)

there are eight different types of terrains, or enviroments, that al have their own pros and cons.
the eight types are as follows:
-temperate forest: pros are that it is very hospitable and has emough resources to kepp u safe; cons are that a lot of people are going tobe coming to these areas and also they lack medical plants.
-tropical raiforest: pros: hospitable, plentyof resources, good cover, a lot of medical plants, and not too many people will choose this as a first choice; cons: infections can get infected preatty fast, disease carrying insects, good covering could provide covering for hostiles.
-plains: skip these places if possible.
-fields: pros: provide food for group; cons: zombies can move unnoticed umtil too late
-swamps: as with fields, skip these altogether.
-meadows: pros: use tall grass to conceal oneself at once; cons: enemies can do the same, along with crawling zombies below the grass line.
-tundras: be prepared for these areas their only pro is that zombies freeze here.
-arctics/polar regions: be 20x more prepared than for tundras or itll be the last place u go.
feel free to add anything by commentingon this. any comment is helpful

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Jan 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

Try and fix your spelling please! Good job though... But you forgot desert.... Email me if ya want samchernish@gmail.com if you need zombie information. I can help you!

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