by jacob williams
(penn, pa, USA)

there are eight different types of terrains, or enviroments, that al have their own pros and cons.
the eight types are as follows:
-temperate forest: pros are that it is very hospitable and has emough resources to kepp u safe; cons are that a lot of people are going tobe coming to these areas and also they lack medical plants.
-tropical raiforest: pros: hospitable, plentyof resources, good cover, a lot of medical plants, and not too many people will choose this as a first choice; cons: infections can get infected preatty fast, disease carrying insects, good covering could provide covering for hostiles.
-plains: skip these places if possible.
-fields: pros: provide food for group; cons: zombies can move unnoticed umtil too late
-swamps: as with fields, skip these altogether.
-meadows: pros: use tall grass to conceal oneself at once; cons: enemies can do the same, along with crawling zombies below the grass line.
-tundras: be prepared for these areas their only pro is that zombies freeze here.
-arctics/polar regions: be 20x more prepared than for tundras or itll be the last place u go.
feel free to add anything by commentingon this. any comment is helpful

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Aug 16, 2014
Not correct NEW
by: Majid Ali

Rainforests/jungles are very inhospitable it will be hard to make shelter it will be hard to make fire and find food also most animals will be infected due to them being mammals.

Jan 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

Try and fix your spelling please! Good job though... But you forgot desert.... Email me if ya want samchernish@gmail.com if you need zombie information. I can help you!

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