The Live Side

A single person became infected. The infection spread to the masses. And then the end of the world...didn't come. Now humans live their day to day lives as they once did, only in defended zones under attack by the hungering dead. Zombie numbers might affect whether you can see a movie, or get your morning coffee. Some cities are worse than others. But the human race lives on, watching television, driving, tweeting, going to school and work, as the zombies watch from the perimeter, waiting.

Seven main characters now live in the dorms at a local college, which house more than college students since the infection. Follow their stories as they live life on The Live Side of the perimeter.

The Live Side is a zombie web series with a twist. The focus is writing and characters. We have plans for four seasons, with complete season plots. There is nothing random or unplanned about this project. We want to make a web series with all the creativity of internet video and the quality of regular TV shows.

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