The Modern Zombie

by Tanner T.

The modern zombie is far different than the depiction of the zombie in current movies and or video games. Zombies are not fast, smart, or strong, they are actually stupid, slow, and weak. You dont shoot them in the leg chest or arm to kill them, you shoot or stab the head of any zombie that is a threat. Zombies are also notorious for having bad dexterity so they can not use weapons or drive cars. Zombies are not created by voodoo magic or special chemical, it is caused by a virus. Though this all seems like common zombie knowledge there are still many things for you to learn.

Though you may think the best thing to do is to get a shotgun and go blast all zombies you see. Possibly the best zombie exterminating weapon is a semi-automatic carbine. Since this weapon only has an option to fire in semi automatic you will not waste ammunition. My preference is to shoot the m1-a1 carbine, this is a smooth shooting accurate weapon (I know this from personal experience). Maybe the best side arm is the colt 1911, if you use both of these weapons you will not only have two very accurate weapon with plenty of stopping power they both have the same kind of ammunition that is very easy to find. Keep in mind that these are only my preference there are many other weapons that will do.

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