The Unliving--A Personal Tale of Zombie Apocalypse

by Rick Thornton
(St. Louis, MO)

The cover from

The cover from

I bought this book for the Amazon kindle a month ago and loved it! I read it over the course of a day. The story starts after the collapse of society brought on by... you guessed it--a zombie apocalypse. The story is told through the eyes of the hero, Bryson and the back story is given as nightmares that torture his sleep.

We are told how he escaped Atlanta after the outbreak and made his way towards a place where he thought he'd be safe (trying not to give any spoilers).

Lots of well described gore and it seems that the author went out of his way to make each zombie appear unique. The zombies in this book are much more terrifying than even the latest incarnation ala the new Dawn of the Dead. The book has some truly suspenseful moments and is sprinkled with colorful characters. My only complaint is that it runs kind of short (The Amazon paperback edition is 130 pages). It isn't a short story but I found myself wanting more.

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