the xaldrix (Brief) Zombie Survival guide

by Xaldrix
(Nashua NH)

this pouch is a reference for how you stuff should be organized

this pouch is a reference for how you stuff should be organized

Machine guns, Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, Silencers, Scopes, Telescopic lights
Tripods, bipods, Molotovs, Propane tanks, Gasoline tanks, Katanas, Knife, Crowbar, Hatchet, First aid Kits, Body cleaning kits, Ibuprofen, Backpacks, Cargo bags (30’ X 14’),Aluminum foil, Lantern electric/oil) ,Tarp (5’ X 7’),Flashlights, Signal Flares/Flare guns, Walky-talkies, Canteens (full),Sleeping bags, Tents, Grapple hooks, Binoculars, Bolt cutters, Rope (100ft.),Advanced maps, Compasses, Batteries, Lighters, Matches, Knife Sharpeners, Fire extinguishers, Pots/Pans, Portable stovetop, Spare tires (vehicle) ,Tire pump, Megaphone, Duct tape, Avalanche shovel, Scissors, Bug spray, Bicycle, Wallet (credit card, money, ID, change, key, pictures) ,Hats, Sunglasses, Ponchos, Boots, Gloves, Bandannas, Body ‘Armor’, Cup, Earplugs, Shield, Helmet, Gallons of Water, Energy bars, Sugar, Canned food/Non-perishables

1. During a zombie apocalypse it is good to have a team, so be sure you are prepared (make plans with friends).
2. Know where your base is, I suggest a store that sells in bulk or that always has a large variety of supplies.(Bj's, Sam’s club, Costco, FedEx/UPS, Lowes, Home depot, a mall, Wal-Mart).
3. Go to your base; modify it to a safe house. Be sure to stay as far away from Urban/highly populated areas.
Modifying your base
I. All windows and doors should be blockaded securely.
II. Have a rooms designated for; weapons, vehicles (if possible), the sick, and living.
III. Take a little time everyday to establish a wall, watch towers, traps, detectors, and escape routes.
IV. Clear the streets (and possibly some trees) to view the surrounding ground.
4. Collect your supplies for when you leave your base (this is why your base is important)

Supply list:

Sleeping bag 1 – for sleep …duh
Portable stove 2 – to cook food
½ Gallon Water 2 – for cooking/refilling canteen
Non-perishable food (ramen, soup, rice, jerky, candy, juice boxes) 2 – to eat
Clothes (Boots, Pants, shirts, socks, poncho, sunglasses, gloves, earplugs) 2 – incase the weather changes
Tarp (9’ X 14’) 2 – again for weather or shelter
Lantern (gas) 2 – for lighting your make-shift camp
Cigarettes3 – In a zombie apocalypse; drugs, fine wine, medicine and guns are currency
Camera 3 – for documentation/proof of something
Aluminum foil 3 – multiple uses
Pens & pencils 3 – to write with
Notepad 3 – to write on
Clock 3 – keep track of time
Grapple hook 3 – for climbing rough terrain/blockades
Avalanche shovel 3 – for digging
Ibuprofen 3 – for pain
Swiss army knives 3 – for tools
Matches 3 – for fire
Lighter 3 – for fire if it’s raining
Duct tape 3 – for… Everything?
Map 3 – to help navigate
Compass 3 – same ^
Batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, 9V) 3 – for electronics
Walky-Talky/cb radio 3 – to talk to group/distant survivors
Cooking Pot 3 – to cook food
Cooking Pan 3 – same ^
Bug spray 3 _ “nature repellant”
Vile 3 – for collecting blood you probably won’t need to
Tent 4 – for shelter
100ft. Rope 4 – effective tool
Rifle 5 – long-distance accurate shooting
Binoculars 6 – better view
Shotgun 7 – for “Zombie massacre”
Canteen (FULL) 7 – for drinking

Umbrella 8 – for when it rains
Crowbar 9 – opening doors, killing zombies, and more…
Flares 9 – to signal others, make focus points, used to make propane traps
Flashlight 9 – for light
Megaphone 10 – to signal others/distract zombies
First aid kit 11 – for healing
Body clean up kit (razors, shaving cream, wipes, ammonia)12 – for sanitation
Pistol & clips 13 – common defense
IPod 13 – entertainment/drown out noise
Knife 13 – defense/cutting
Wallet 13 – (credit card) to open doors, currency if needed (for trading with Raiders), identification if deceased
Earplugs 13 – for sleeping
Helmet (completely covering face)
Shingaurds (for shins and forearms)
(Light) Football gear (chest)
Steal toed boots
A cup (for boys and girls)
Knee/elbow pads
Leather gloves or skid proof gloves
SMG/Uzi/machine gun (right thigh)
Molotovs (left thigh)
Katana (in-between spine and backpack)
Machete (attached to shin)
Knife (left peck)
Sash (around shoulder)
Grenades if possible (sash)
35 Shotgun shells (sash)
Machine gun magazines (right bicep)
Pistol magazines (back of belt)

5. Acquire transportation (at least; 1 bike, 1 car, and 1 bus: also consider; a horse, motorcycle, boat, and aircraft)
6. Use a journal to take notes of the zombies, for you don't know what attributes they have until you encounter them.
7. Go on daily search missions for important resources, survivors, and help.
8. Dogs are not recommended for they are loud, require food, and if they do attack zombies (which they probably don’t) they’ll bite and most likely become infected and die/become a zombie
9. Always have a plan B; if your base is overrun, you need to know where to go next. (This is why having multiple bases is suggested)
10. After the main outbreak occurs; you will want to re-establish a small society within your city/province such as creating houses, farms, and houses of worship.
11. You should slowly shred you civilization outward, slowly taking more and more land until your population is satisfied.
12. Once your Civilization is secured, find a cell phone tower and try to connect to other channels in search of life elsewhere.
13. Days will consist of sniping zombies from rooftops for target practice and to thin the zombie heard.
14. The type of ‘enemy’ will determine the their life span; but pretty much no zombie has a life span past five years. This is due to starvation, deterioration, and being killed.
15. Even after the last zombie dies, they still pose a threat. Once the Great War is considered finished you must be cautious not to become infected by any lingering disease, from blood or rotting corpses; it will take approximately one more year before you can assume the virus starved to death.
16. Clean up will be needed; such as, washing insides of houses (rain will clean blood outside), burying dead corpses, washing writing on the walls, clearing the streets of destroyed vehicles, restoring power lines, picking up trash and debris.
17. eventually the world will return to normal and you will become LEGENDARY.

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