Top 5 things most of you will forget

1) If for some reason you decide to use a public toilet or one in a house, check the room properly. Open every door, check every window, make sure there is nothing in there then no way anything can get in there by locking and baracade the door + windows.

You don't want to become a zombie on the toilet.

2) Take a can-opener. If you ever come across canned food without an opener you're kinda buggered.

3) Wrap up all meat you're carrying, it could attract zombies if it's not properly protected then you might have to part with it to get away from them.

4) Not all humans will be your friend. Some will try to steal you're supply's or kill you for them so be careful who you trust.

5) Look at the zombies behaviour and think. Are they moving towards sounds? It might help you work out how to avoid them as it could tell you how they find food.

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Top 5 things most of you will forget

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Aug 16, 2012
good job
by: Anonymous

I like those 5 they will be noted. But while in one area well placed noise makers will come very useful

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