World War Z Max Brooks

Ever wonder what it would be like if a Zombie Outbreak really happened? Max Brooks puts it all into perspective for you this in fictional account of a Zombie outbreak. The story is done in an interview-style format, with the main character interviewing people after a Zombie Outbreak occurred. The story is written will make any history buff giddy, first person account of what happened all over the world from outbreak to full scale war with the Zombies. The main character interviews everyone from soldiers, children, corporation CEOs, farmers and all the in between. Brooks leaves no stone unturned when it comes to unearthing what happened that lead to World War Z.

The interview style format gives the book a sense of realism. Having personal accounts tell the story of the book gave it depth. All of the interviewers had personalities, good and bad. Even though the book is fiction the reader can feel attached to some of the interviewees. The personal accounts sometimes clouded with grief and confusion on that happens during war. Each individual is unique and special; from Tibetan smugglers to dirigible pilots to ex-politicians, each ‘interview’ has its own distinct voice. Brooks also touches down on something that most zombie buffs do not think of, lone survivors, animal population and response to the attacks, politics of countries with opposing views, and even nuclear warfare.

The book is a great read. This book chronicles tales of survival and horror. Which gives it a real feel to it. I would recommend this book to any zombie fan. Also, there is a movie that was set to release this December 2012, but was pushed back to summer 2013. It is produced and Stars Brad Pitt. So if you wanna be one of those cool kids that can say “The book was better” after watching the movie, now is your chance!

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