ZAPOCALYPSE podcast...stay vigilant!

by TI
(Los Angeles, CA)

The Nerd Out Presents: Zapocalypse Installment 1

The Nerd Out podcast is posting their first zombie apocalypse episode, the first in an occasional series of themed podcasts. Their first guest is acclaimed zombie expert Matt Mogk, head of The Zombie Research Society. Matt puts his knowledge to the test and shares some wisdom on, among other things, why you might die of dehydration before you ever spot your first zombie. Additional special guests are Josh and Morgan of the Zombie Response Team, who sat down to discuss all things preparedness on their recent cross-country trip.

The Nerd Out is the braaaaains-child of artist and designer Ritzy Periwinkle and entertainment marketing exec Lisa Jenkins. The duo discuss nerdy pop culture from a female – and usually NSFW – perspective: things they love (Comic Con! Game of Thrones! Toys!), things they hate (Phantom Menace, now in 3D! Lines! Hypocrites!), and everything in between (is it possible to love and abhor zombies?).

The Nerd Out

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