Zee World

by Rutger Klamor

Z Strain (Book One of the Zee Series Trilogy)

Z Strain (Book One of the Zee Series Trilogy)

Hello Zee Fans,

I've started a blog over on blogspot (http://z-world-rklamor.blogspot.com/) called "Zee World" that I think may be a first in all of zombiedom. This is an ongoing serial like times of old that is collaborative! Just post a comment on what you'd like to see, and maybe it will show up in the next post. You know, who should die and how. What's the deal with ...? That sort of thing.

The tone is classic noir, another first for this genre. This is done in classic Klamor style so be warned, my stuff isn't for prudes or the perpetually offended. It's written by a die-hard zee fan for die-hard zee fans. If you like your violence served cold and fast and your sex served hot and rough, this is the place to be. Admit it; this is just what you craved. Finally!

My goal is to post a new chapter every week. Where the story goes... only you will know. After all, you're helping to write it. Please stop by and let me know what you think. This Zee's for you! With my kindest regards...

1 - Lap Dance

I had to get into her pants.

Just look at her. At those eyes. Glowing jade under her flowing copper hair. Green beacons that flashed “take me”. Over. And over. An' all those hot curves. How they held those sultry jewels way up there. Just so.

I couldn't help myself. I took a long eye full.

Shut up. You would've, too.

She knew I was looking. Memorizing every flow and ebb of her body. Her sex. Shit... I've seen her type before. A dame like her counted on The Stare. Went to the bank on it. Who was I not to oblige? What with her gettin' all dolled up like that, especially on a shitty night like this, not looking would've been an insult. An there's one thing I'm not, and that's insulting. Not ta late night eye candy, anyhow. Besides, you had ta be dead not to look. Not to want her.

Over. And over.

She sauntered into my office. Slowly. Like a stripper. My private stripper. Showing off her best assets. Just for me. These were some big dough assets, mind you.

I felt cheap and hot under the collar. It was like a lap dance you didn't pay for. One your bro bought but you got ta sneak a peek. Only you got more than a peek.

It's been a while and the edge was no doubt showin'. I was glad the light was dim an' my fedora was on; low like I like it. I was ready to walk out for the night when her sexy form filled my door.

And my life.

Her legs stopped in front of my desk. Mmmm. They went right up and made an ass out of themselves. Naughty. Naughty.

Yeah. I had ta have her. Big time.

Shut up. You would, too.

Hell, any dick would. Especially a private dick like me. Dick Dirken here. Private Investigator. An' judgin' by the looks of her, I'm the best dick she's ever gonna have. Period. She knows it, too. That's why she's here.

And I mean that any way you wanna take it.

“May I?”

Her voice dripped honey on my walnut desk.

“I think you may,” I motioned for her to pick a seat.

It was my test.

I had two chairs on the other side of my ample desk. The desk was a much a piece of furniture as it was a symbol: I don't take shit, so don't waste my time. Of the two chairs, one was intentionally off at a slight angle. Not so you'd notice it, really. More of a subconscious thing. The one at an angle usually meant the one who took it had something to hide. A liar. A cheat. They paid big dough and got part of my attention. The other seat hid nothing. You were either bold and confident, or a psychopath. That got my attention. They paid real big dough. That type could get you killed.

She took the bold seat.

Figures. I reached for the cuban I was nursing earlier. This was going to be a long night.

I drew in the warm smoke. It was smooth. Perfect. Like her. The end glowed cherry under the brim of my hat. Got my mind waunderin'. Some of it on the case that just walked in. I got lost in her legs. Her dress. Her voice.

The honey flowed over me like warm syrup; hot and sticky. I loved it.

Ms. Legs began her tale.

There you have it. I hope you enjoyed it and will stop on by for a closer look. If you like "firsts" in zee fiction, you may even enjoy my book "Z Strain" available for either the kindle or nook. There's some new twists in it I'm sure you won't be expecting. But alas, that's for another time.

Please enjoy all the zee fun on me. You're worth it.

Keep your blades sharp and the ammo handy,

Rutger Klamor, author of "Z Strain"

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