ZombiCon 2012

by Rachel Telfor
(Fort Myers, FL, USA)


We thought the biggest threat to our existence was ourselves. We were wrong. The planet is in danger but not from global warming. Not from pollution, over-drilling or over-population. The threat is from above, from outside this world. The cover-up so far has been spectacular. NASA has referred to the dark cluster originally discovered by the Perkins Observatory telescope as just an anomaly. What NASA won't say is that it's headed straight toward Earth. Whatever it is must be coming from an unfathomable distance. It will break through our atmosphere, and most will never see it coming. What is this dark cluster? What potential threat may it impose? What viral entities or lifeforms may it hurdle upon our planet? We don't know for sure. But we know when: October 20th, 2012.

ZombiCon 2012 will take place downtown Ft Myers, FL. During the day, Zombicon will feature a full indoor convention including vendors, workshops, dark art, artists, authors, special guests, costume contests, special effects & make-up demonstrations, zombie drag queen contest, car show, laser tag & MORE. When night falls, ZombiCon 2012 hits the streets in an epic zombie-themed music festival featuring performances, bands & dj's on multiple stages, dance music, street food, drink specials and the famous "zombie walk" through the downtown streets of Ft Myers. This is an event you DO NOT want to miss. The theme for ZombiCOn 2012: THE GALACTIC INFECTION

......Ready yourself.

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