Zombie Bath Salts

Bath From The Dead (www.bathfromthedead) announces the birth of their new product, Zombie Bath Salts. Fresh out of Carlsbad, CA these bath salts will provide every zombie with ultimate relaxation. If you still are hesitant to try bath salts, listen to a personal testimony from Zombie Zan.

"Let's face it; being a zombie isn't easy these days. If you think your Mondays are tough, try finding the strength to roll out of bed and roam around town looking for some tasty brains to eat. A combination of rotting flesh, bad breath, and the lack of a good human brain leaves me feeling like I should have stuck to my day job and not trusted the cute blond that had that crazy look in her eyes who infected me. My only redemption comes from the hour I spend in my bathtub each evening. I dim the lights, put on the some smooth jazz, and fill the tub with Coriander Lime Zombie Bath Salts.

The stimulating herbal and citrusy aroma of this salt leaves me feeling rejuvenated, focused, and ready to embrace the day ahead. Made from an essential blend of oils and other natural ingredients, I know my skin is being rehydrated and nourished for another day of terrorizing cities and feasting on corporate executives. Being that the salt is a lime green, finely cut grain, I never have to worry about my tub becoming clogged or backed up. I especially love this because my landlord can be a real pain to deal with.”

Bath From The Dead is sensitive to the cleanliness of creatures of the undead. This bath salt is just one of many products that are being tested on other mythical creatures. Who knows if a unicorn will pop out of your tub with a fresh, floral scent? We are not governed by the local authorities as to testing on non-humans. However, we do hold the highest of standards not to harm the undead or creatures that may not have scientific proof of existing.

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