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Zombie books, one of the most common figures in horror fantasy fiction books, zombies can appear in many forms. Stories of the undead wreaking havoc on the earth have been around as long as man can remember. In the early 1990’s the evident zombie subgenre began to rise and grab any fresh flesh in its path. Today readers are hooked on zombies, and the horror library continues to grow exponentially like an unstoppable plague. A new age of "zombie literature" has been born. This section is the library of the living dead which is a listing of every zombie book ever written, it also gives a brief outline of the story.

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ZombieBooks is the library of the living dead. this is a listing of every zombie book ever written, it also gives a brief outline of the story. To make things easier the zombie books have been organized in alphabetical order and categorized. There is a Nonfiction section which contains books about historical zombie research as well as guides to zombie movies. The Fiction zombie book are broken into 4 pages because of the vast quantity. These include alphabetized books A-C, D-G, H-R, and S-Z . If there are any books that are not on these lists please contact us and let us know so it can be added.

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