Zombie Cataclysm Simulation Game

by Lance Meyer
(Ruby, NY (where there are no zombies... yet))

Shepherd suggested that I write a little about the new Zombie Cataclysm game on this forum and I just can't resist an offer like that.

How long could you survive a zombie cataclysm? Chances are you've played a couple of zombie video games and taken the Facebook quizzes, but they don't let you try out the tactics you've been developing here on the Zombie Hub. Maybe you've come up with the idea of driving a big harvesting combine up to the front doors of a zombie-infested hospital and watching the zombies mulch themselves as they try to get at you... or maybe the debate is a simple as whether a 9mm pistol or a bunch of bolas are better zombie fighting weapons. No game allows you to try these ideas... until now.

Zombie Cataclysm is a table top simulation of the zombie apocalypse. You can do literally anything that you can think of (except dressing zombies up as mimes - that's just right out - and you are very disturbed to think of it). A simple rules system and a roll of the dice decides whether you succeed or not, keeping it both fun and realistic. You get to play yourself, in your town, with your friends. Best of all you get to do this in your living room with real people, not just on a computer screen.

If this sounds interesting go to our website at http://www.zombiecataclysm.com/ to check out the game. I'll also be watching this post if anyone has questions. I could keep writing on for ever (I really like to write) but instead I will let the reviewers write for me... I hope you all survive the Zombie Cataclysm ('cause, let's face it, if you don't then that's just one more zombie that I have to kill.)

Fangoria (Yes, Fangoria): ZOMBIE CATACLYSM is a ghoul fan's dream come true.

Stuffer Shack: "So, I flat-out asked them, "Really, on a scale of 1-10, how much fun did you have?" Immediately, everyone said they were at either a 9 or a 10 on the fun scale. They said this was a very fun night, and would definitely play it again. "

Premonitions of Death: "Reading through the manual for Zombie Cataclysm is easy and extremely amusing."

Dollar Bin Horror. "It's a pretty simple concept but a load of fun to play. "

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