zombie infection at school

by Gio
(Puerto Rico)

Me and my friends decided that we create close combat weapons at school when a z day comes.Well tells me your ideas for an invented close combat weapon.

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zombie infection at school

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Mar 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

a pencil to the eye socket is extremely effective. one pencil per zombie! grab a 20 pack and make for an exit!

The sharp side of a paper cutter when removed will serve as a makeshift katana! and its avalaible at school. Perfect zombie weapon for clean decapitation.

scissors could be used in similar fashion to a pencil.

Jan 01, 2011
Mini crossbow
by: Survivalistz

Mini crossbow I made one myself out of a couple of pens and three rubber bands I have tried it out and it is headshot heaven when using it

Dec 22, 2010
by: Lucais peel

it might not be an original idea but is a good close combat weapon and most r not very strong and snap easily they have to be light but strong your best bet is to use titanium or steel but make shore its one peace or it will snap easily i am an able to make one bcoz i dont have access to a blacksmiths forge look on line there r lots of how to build katana sites.

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