Zombie Knowledge (Know Your Enemy)

by Dustin E.
(Santa Rosa)

Here are the zombies weaknesses and strengths;


1) There agility is very slow (about 90% slower than humans) due to the fact there bodies are constantly decomposing eventually the older they get the weaker and slower they get. Think about the insects that would slowly eat at them. Tendons, muscle, and other parts of the body begin to fail destroying there abilities to function properly.

2)Lousy hand eye coordination making there grip that much easier to avoid. Its the surprise attacks and hordes you should be wary of.

3)Very low intelligence (mental capacity lower than that of an insect) making them easy to trick. So common sense in the end will be you best weapon. They are very easy to lure to areas that you could set up as a trap. Use there stupidity as there own down fall and don't let fear control your actions that's one of the ways they will get a foot hold on humans, be smart with your actions.


1)There sight is very similar to humans. Since a sense of sight is are best sense that makes them locate there prey with ease. So stealth will be one of you advantages but once they see you they will be after you. Stay hidden from there line of sight to avoid contact. If you can see them then they can likely see you.

2)They have excellent hearing so as i said before stealth will save you life. All types of sounds will attract them to your location even if you didn't cause it they will come to investigate the cause of the sound. Try to move as quietly as possible and don't go shooting at every zombie you see unless your trying to attract the horde.

3)They have an excellent scent for the living just like we have an excellent scent for the dead.

4)There nerves are completely obsolete so trying to hurt them is pointless. Just go for the head. Know the most dangerous zombies are the ones crawling on the ground.

I have much more info on the topics of zombie survival but this should help some of you out there.

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Zombie Knowledge (Know Your Enemy)

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Jun 28, 2012
by: zombarie


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