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This is a section dedicated to listing out all the zombie movies. It was taken in to consideration that the term "zombie movie" was very general, it was necessary to categorize the movies in to a few sections. The movies in these sections are not set in stone and if you have and arguments and suggestion are taken into respect as well so please give us feed back.

The Standard Zombie Movies section is full of classic style zombie horror movies. The zombies in these movies are generally considered by most fans to be “normal” zombies. The movies in this section are also the more popular or successful titles. Zomedy is a section for zombie comedy or zombie spoof movies. The Zom "B" Movies section are the movies featuring standard zombies, or Zomedy movies that did not do as well in the box office if they even made it that far. As seen in the zombie taxonomy section there are many different types of zombies. The final section Sub-Zombie movies are movies with other zombie types or zombie-like influenced movies like I am Legend, The Mummy or Frankenstein. One of the most important visual effects in zombie horror movies is the dramatic, appetence of rotting flesh wounds, dried blood, and pealing skin and other bodily lesions created by using cosmetic makeup.

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Zombie Movie History

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A brief history zombie movies starting in the 1930s to the late 1960s, before the age of Romero zombies were typically a voodoo zombies or expressionless reanimated corpses a product of voodoo magic. The recently deceased were dug up from their graves and enchanted to become mindless slaves forced to obey their voodoo master. These include the 1932 film White Zombie, and 1943's Revenge of the Zombies.

In 1968 George A. Romero revolutionized zombies with his low budget film Night of the Living Dead. This movie defined the modern zombie and paved the way for the horror and gore genre. During the following decade many attempted to recreate and capitalize on this new idea. In 1978 Romero continued his vision with Dawn of the Dead and reinforced his role and the father of the modern zombie.

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At this point a new standardization of zombies began to emerge. The 1980's produced many movies which defined common zombie rules, such as how to become a zombie, and how they can be killed. Soon after the rules were set zombie based movie production increased exponentially. Most of these movies just didn't quite get it and flopped. Zomedy or zombie comedy was born with some of these mistakes.

Today producers of zombie movies seemed to have learned from the mistakes that were made in the 90's. There have been some good films released in the last 10 years. We should expect to see more great zombie movies in the years to come.

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Top Box Office Zombie Movie List

Rank Title Gross Income Type
0 ZombieLand $75,590,286 Standard Zombie
1 Dawn of the Dead $59,020,957 Standard Zombie
2 Death Becomes Her $58,422,650 Zomedy
3 Pet Sematary $57,469,467 Standard Zombie
3 Pet Sematary $57,469,467 Standard Zombie
4 Resident Evil: Apocalypse $51,201,453 Standard Zombie
5 Resident Evil: Extinction $50,648,679 Standard Zombie
6 28 Days Later $45,064,915 Standard Zombie
7 Resident Evil $40,119,709 Standard Zombie
8 28 Weeks Later $28,638,916 Standard Zombie
9 Creepshow $21,028,755 Standard Zombie
10 Land of the Dead $20,700,082 Standard Zombie
11 The Serpent and the Rainbow $19,595,031 Standard Zombie
12 Pet Sematary II $17,092,453 Standard Zombie
13 Night of the Comet $14,418,922 Zomedy
14 Return of the Living Dead $14,237,880 Zomedy
15 Prince of Darkness $14,182,492 Standard Zombie
16 Shaun of the Dead $13,542,874 Zomedy
17 Lifeforce $11,603,545 Standard Zombie
18 Army of Darkness $11,502,976 Zomedy
19 House of the Dead $10,249,719 Standard Zombie
20 Return of the Living Dead 2 $9,205,924 Zomedy
21 Evil Dead 2 $5,923,044 Standard Zombie
22 Night of the Living Dead $5,835,247 Standard Zombie
23 Day of the Dead $5,000,000 Standard Zombie
24 Idle Hands $4,152,230 Zomedy
25 Dead Heat $3,588,626 Zomedy
26 My Boyfriend's Back $3,335,984 Zomedy
27 The Evil Dead $2,400,000 Standard Zombie
28 Re-Animator $2,023,414 Zomedy
29 Diary of the Dead $958,961 Standard Zombie
30 Night of the Creeps $591,366 Zomedy
31 Fido $304,533 Zomedy
32 Night of the Living Dead 3D $271,000 Standard Zombie
33 Cemetary Man $253,986 Zomedy
34 Dead Alive $242,623 Zomedy

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