Zombie Proofing Your Home

by Michael Cowling
(Upper Michigan)

In case of a sudden outbreak, a plan for security is a must. Ideal conditions would be that your home, office or any structure that your in, would have no more than 2-3 exits. With many, this is not the case. Ones best ( and cheapest) option is wood. With plywood, 2x4s and a few nails, you have a reusable and rebuildable barricade.

If in a two story house, one does'nt have to board up the second floor. With those windows open, sentry positions could be posted to moniter and deflect oncoming attacks. This leaves you open to have 5 - 15 "refugees", depending on your rations. Ammo will come into play depending on loctaion, weapons, skill (sorry but some people are just TERRIBLE shots), and population condensity.

Trial runs should be made when figuring out how to barricade the shelter. Ideal time is 15 - 50 minutes. Get family and friends involved.

Another building material is cnder blocks. More costly than wood, cinder blocks can give a little more lee-way in structure of your defense. Freeing up gun holes, peep holes and supply holes. However, cinder blocks are easier to push through and unless properly reinforced may just trapt you in your own grave.

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Zombie Proofing Your Home

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Nov 01, 2010
cinder blocks
by: Anonymous

if you have the proper material to make cement or a cement like substance the cinder blocks wont have so much give but cinder blocks are pretty good for gun slots very insightful

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