Zombie survivle tips I've heard of and places to other learn more

by The Ben
(Won't matter when the zombies come ;))

While this site does have a lot of important info, it doesn't have every thing. First: just because zombies are out doesn't mean the sun went away, you can still grow your own food. Secondly the food can be grown from a window so you can stay indoors. third, One window farm isn't going to supply even one person all the way. Fourth, some plants can be grown upside down. Fifth, put a multiple story rack in front of the window and use square containers to maximize growing space. Also, while farming outside, keep your weapon(s) on you at all times. Oh and peas grow in a couple of weeks.

A second issue is gangs, They will have what would have bean illegal guns if the law was still reinforced. Gangs will be more of a threat do to rang and speed. But if a gang gets weaker than your group... Attack or raid to take supplies, guns and territory. Also I would suggest showing generosity if you are a leader both within your group and to others. Why??? Because if your people don't like you they will betray you. Why outside your own ranks... because you will ether make allies or not make enemies.

When the whole thing starts try to recruit army or cops from the army base or station or the police station.Why??? because they have assault rifles, snipers, some semi automatic shotguns etc.. Then if you have a weird store like this, a store that you pay like a buck a bullet to shoot a Tommy gun, go there and with your army(this includes all branches; national guard, rangers, army navy etc.) and cop friends to go there and pick up more arms. Then a hunting or legal gun store to get normal guns. You can travel to some natural water source, like a river, and use military trucks to get all the stuff there. then start to build some cabins, a wall and some fortifications.

If your not to them first or some government guy decides to go take control or if they don't listen, gather some hunters and go up to a hunting lodge.were you can grow food, hopefully in a forest not on a snowy mountain, if it is a forest build a wall of trees.

Also disguise, if you can't bear to leave your home, which I suggest, to leave, build a suit that will disguise you and some weapons that fit with it.

bows are reusable
Malay doesn't need to relode
hiding is good

If I come up with anything else I will post it

Look up Guns and gardens on you tube

Oh and zombies could be an infection or caused by a necromancer which will tell their strength and speed.

Oh malitough cocktails are gas or alchihal in a bottle with a rag stuck in that you light on fire then trow causing a fiery explosion... might be useful...m

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Zombie survivle tips I've heard of and places to other learn more

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Apr 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

I BARELY understood that. Please use spellcheck next time.

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