Zombies spotted in London, Liverpool, Nottingham, Birmingham and Bristol

It is evident that the infection that seemed to start in Tottenham, London on Saturday has spread to other parts of the UK, and in particular other areas of London.

Unlike any zombie event heard of before, the virus responsible seems to be a computer-human hybrid, spreading via social media.

Blackberries, iPhones and social networking sites Facebook and Twitter have been identified as particularly effective at transmitting the virus.

Fortunately, it seems that the virus only effects the weak minded, in a similar way to the 'Jedi mind trick' depicted in the Star Wars films. As a result, the risk of infection of normal, decent people is very low, but it is the risk of physical injury and destruction of property that still remains high.

With the Army largely tied down in Afghanistan, it is down to riot police to attempt to contain the zombies but with little success thus far.

The zombies seem to be dormant for now - it seems that they are not partial to sunlight. However, it is anticipated that as the sun begins to set, they will awaken and continue their cycle of infection and destruction.

Prime Minister David Cameron has said that he will not tolerate zombies in the streets of our capital, and the number of police will increase tonight from around 6000 to 16000.

It is clear that the original number of 6000 was not enough, and the volatility of the hoards underestimated. Let's hope the swell in numbers will allow them to overpower the zombie hoards and halt the spread of the virus.

As I am typing this, word has come in that a zombie hoard has awakened in West Brom.

My advice: Stay inside, baricade your doors and windows and keep electronic devices away from those with weak minds.

Keep safe.


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