by catt dahman

George's Terms
Zombie: Pestilence
When mankind reaches the pentacle of success, there is nowhere to go but down. A virus, nicknamed Red for its hemorrhagic effects, causes ordinary people to become angry, hate-filled monsters intent on devouring human flesh and spreading the infection. They are called Red Zeds, or zombies. Survivors find themselves not only fighting the roving zeds, but others who have let their darkest desires loose.

Event Horizon
A month ago, the Lyssa virus, Red, took out most of the population, turning them into flesh-starved, fury-filled zombies while the government rained down bombs to stop the infection. What was left was hell on earth for the survivors. A group of well-armed people now crawl from the rubble to find more survivors and find a safe place to rebuild civilization, while fighting the zeds, raiders, and their own fears. Radiation and the walking dead pale in horror as an army unites to wipe out the rest of humanity. George, Beth, Len and their friends find that despite hard work and good intentions, they are mere pawns in the war for the world.

Part two of The Zombie Series
Zombie: Pestilence
Zombie: War
Zombie: Famine
Zombie: Death

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