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Welcome to zombie media, the ultimate zombie multimedia reference library. This section of ZombieHub has been created to organize and categorize the media involving zombies. There are many subcategories in this section including; zombie movies, video, cartoon/anime, games, flash games, books, comics/manga, photography, art and music. Each section will give links to other internet sites with further details of the subject matter of interest. If you would like to submit videos, pictures, art or music please contact us. (site still under construction this option will be up soon)

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Zombie movies is a section dedicated to listing out every zombie movie ever made, it also gives a brief outline of the story. they have been arranged by alphabet or year for easy navigation.


Zombie video is filled with short zombie videos and zombie movie clips from around the net from places such as YouTube and zombie fan sites.

Cartoon / Anime

Zombie cartoon and Anime are traditionally hand drawn, but computer assisted techniques have become quite common in recent years. these are zombie video clip usually seen as a series on television.

Video Games

Zombie games is a listing of zombie video games including previews reviews screenshots and more.

Free Online Games

Zombie Flash is an assortment of online zombie games using adobe flash, these games are free and they range from simply zombie shooting games to story filled zombie rpg.


Zombie book is the library of the living dead. this is a listing of every zombie book ever written, it also gives a brief outline of the story.

Comics / Manga

Zombie comics and manga are magazines or books containing sequential art with some relevance to zombies.


Zombie photography is a section full of zombie pictures summited by zombie fans or from zombie movies.


Zombie art is a collection of art and zombie drawings. this section also gives links to the sites of these creative artists as wells as links to how to draw zombies.


Zombie music is a collection of zombie movie soundtracks, zombie influenced bands and gothic styles of music. It also have likes to various artist from this section.