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Welcome to the Network of the living dead! This site has been created to link the zombie fan community together and to serve as a resource for anything and everything there is to know about zombies. If you are a hardcore fan then you are in the right place.

The Main objective of this site is to deliver the finest Zombie news and events to keep the fan community informed of current events, as well as post site updates and news blogs from sites within the network. It also serves as a way for all fans of the un-dead to have access to work of other zombie fans by driving traffic to horror and zombie based fan sites. Do you have any zombie news? add your own blog

Zombology section is full of facts, information and history of zombies. Because most fan sites tend to focus on more exciting aspects, this serves as a backbone for technical information used in many of these web sites. This includes definitions, taxonomy, current research and even a zombie survival guide.

The Zombie Media section is a reference guide to all zombies in the media. This section organizes and lists out the zombies found in movies, books, free online games, and other types of media, as well as gives links to fan sites which specialize it these areas.

Be part of the Zombie Community. Fans can post their views and opinions on Zombiehub. For example write a Zombie Book Review, a Zombie Movie Review share your story at a Zombie Event and more. Submitted reviews will be stored and be posted on the site Zombie News blog. Please feel free to write your own.

Please give us feedback on how we can improve this site.

Zombie News Blog
Zombie news blog is to keep the zombie fan community up to date on any upcoming news and events about zombies.
Zombie Events
Zombie events is a schedule of upcoming events that have some kind of relevance to zombies.
Zombie Network
Zombie network is an organized directory of zombie fan sites, links and zombie information of the internet.
Zombology is the study of zombies. This includes zombie facts, definitions, guides and other zombie resources .
zombie taxonomy
Zombie taxonomy is the practice and science of zombie classification.
Zombie Survival
Zombie survival is a strategy guide to surviving a zombie attack or zombie apocalypse
zombie research
Zombie research ir the science behind zombies, zombie existence could be closer than you think.
Zombie media
Zombie media is a structured collection of zombie movies, games, books and other zombie media
Zombie Books
Zombie books is a library of all zombie books ever written.
Zombie Movies
Zombie movies list giving details about every zombie film ever made.
Zombie Video Games
zombie video games is a listing of zombie video games including previews reviews screenshots and more.
Free online zombie games
Free online zombie games is an assortment of free online zombie games using adobe flash
Zombie Shop
zombie shop is a online store to buy zombie goods
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Zombie parasite
A parasite has the potential to cause behavior modification in their effected hosts.
real zombies
real zombies are people who were manipulated by some kind of drug created by a voodoo priest and used as slave labor.
Zombie Virus
a zombie virus would have the devastating ability to spread very rapidly and can easily cause a human epidemic or a zombie apocalypse.
Zombie Re-Animation
Re-animation is to bring something that is non-living to life, in other words zombie creation.
Zombie Survival Guide Essentials
Zombie survival guide essentials is a short survival guide that should help with the skills needed in a zombie siege situation.
Stories of Zombie Events
Write about your own zombie event
Zombie Movie Reviews
Zombie Movie Reviews By fans
Zombie Book Reviews
Write your Own Zombie Book Review and Share it.
Zombie Blog
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