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The Zombie Network

There are a lot of great zombie web sites created by fans from around the world. The purpose of the zombie network is to link the zombie fan community together in an organized directory and make it easy to communicate as well as post any zombie news or Events . the zombie network has a custom search engine that only searches sites on the zombie network. This makes it easy for zombie fans to search the web for reliant zombie sites as well as drive traffic to those sites.

The Network has been divided into sections to make it easier for manual browsing. The first section is called Zombie Nexus this is the core of zombie fan sites. Sites in this sub category have more or less been created with images and ideas to idolize actual zombies. Dedicated fans begin to come together and create their own Zombie Communities. This ranges from how to draw zombie, to how to do zombie make-up. For a listing for horror festival and convention official sites check out the Zombie Horror Festival .

The next subcategory called Zombie Slayer which is dedicated to those sites that value surviving a zombie attack or killing zombies for sport. There are several great fan clubs that are prepared for a zombie apocalypse or any other zombie attack.

Horror Corner is a section that features a collection of magazines and horror web sites that feature zombies or horror material. Finally the Links page is a list of related sites not necessarily zombie related that support and sponsor ZombieHub .
If you have your own zombie webpage, website, blog, or any other URL that would like to be part of the zombie netowork go to the bottom of this page and submit your URL.

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ZombIe Nexus

Zombie Nexus is a listing of zombie fan websites. Want to see some horrific zombie pages on the net? Welcome the the web of the dead.

If have a hardcore zombie fan web site of your own contact us and we will add you to the list

Zombie and Living Dead Fansite

Zombie Sirens will search out and bring you the Hottest Zombie Chic’s on the Planet...

A George Romero Fansite that focuses on all of his DEAD films.. hence the name ... Got Tons of pics, lots of great interviews and try to keep the news as up to date as I can ...

Zombie Pandemic
Zombie Pandemic - A free PPBG (persistent browser based game) multiplayer zombie PRG adventure currently in development. The game will feature enriched RPG elements, including advanced combat, a skill tree and use of realistic navigation on a real world map. The game world will consist of hundreds of locations offering even more game events and quests in a rich storyline.

We organise zombie events in the UK and support zombie film production across the world. If you explore this site you'll discover that we teach zombie make up at demos, we enable you to appear in zombie films around the UK and the rest of the world, we have FREE downloadable make up guides that enable you to create higher quality Living Dead...

Hire a Zombie is your number one full-service undead staffing and training service solution. They can handle all your walking dead and living corpse placement needs. HAZ specializes in placement of temporary, contract, temp-to-hire and career candidates who will do the dead end jobs that no one else will or would want to do.

The Midnight Podcast is dedicated to everything zombie. It's a weekly show tailored for all zombie enthusiasts. The web site features the podcast, videos, forums, and much more.

Welcome to ZombieFans.com where you will find Zombie's forum where we discuss anything and everything relating to Zombies, as well as , Horror & Sci-Fi Films, Music and Current Events. We have added new topics to include Dark Artists and Authors as well as a Writers Work Shop, and my own personal favorite Blood & Guts Cafe Where your just food for thought and anything goes, Just general non-sociable stuff...

Find out the truth about Zombie Lincoln and the people that killed him.

Russian site ZombieFan is dedicated to zombie movies, it features blog, movies description, videos.

This is the website for the zombie author Scott Kenemore.


A webcomic set in a post apocalyptic future where the undead have taken over the world...

Website of Zombie Comedy Author, Mark Henry

Zombie Communities

Zombie communities is a directory for community based zombie sites as well as resourceful zombie sites with information about zombies. The resource section is full of we sites with zombie information and facts. Fastest way to get a zombie online education. Man's mind never regains its original dimensions neither does a man's brain when it is eaten by a zombie.

Zombie Friends is a place for the Zombies, undead and Horror Freaks to hangout when not out shambling among the living. Meet and be a zombie friend with horror movie nutz, Zombies, the Undead, Night Walkers, horror film industry folk and horror film wanna be's.

Our goal at Lost Zombies is to gather definitive proof that zombies are real and to compile that proof into a feature length documentary film. We are asking the general public to assist us by submitting any proof of zombies they may have.

ZW:SD has held several walks throughout America’s Finest City; many benefiting the San Diego Food Bank, Toys for Tots, and local military families. We’ve participated in Thrill The World, played zombie kickball, been featured on San Diego Living, entertained Ocean Beach with undead caroling for the holidays, appeared in a music video for Rat City Riot, and are in our third year of walking at Comic-Con (a tradition we don’t intend to break).

Wicked Zombies is a social networking website that allows you to strut your knowledge of zombies through blogs, forums, videos and pictures.

Zombie Slayer

Zombie slayer is a list of websites dedicated to hunting, slaying and killing zombies, as well as surviving a zombie attack. Where will you be when the zombie apocalypse happens? Are you prepared?

Zombie Squad
Zombie Squad is an elite zombie suppression task force ready to defend your neighborhood from the shambling hordes of the walking dead. We provide trained, motivated, skilled zombie extermination professionals and zombie survival consultants. Our people and our training are the best in the industry.

Zombie hunters
ZOMBIE HUNTERS is a show of modern horror. It details the lives of Billy Cassidy and his group of friends and family, all trying to survive the re-awakening of the dead in New York City. Each episode includes clips from their video diaries, actual shots taken of the atrocities that have come to plague their world, and of course, scenes from their nightly hunts! They hope these broadcasts will help the rest of you out there in the struggle to survive. As you can see, the Police and the National Guard can't handle everything by themselves!Season 1 on DVD.

Dead Cell
- A Survivor's Journal An online zombie journal & forums.


Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team Group Squad Force
The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Team Group Squad Force will be on our way to help, and we've got bullets! Become a groupie today, and know that we will be there to help when the undead come a knockin'!"

The United States Anti-Zombie Task Force: Dedicated to the neutralization of all zombies!


The offical ZESST (zombie Encounter Strike and Survival Team) website

Horror Corner

Horror corner is a section that features a collection of magazines and horror web sites that feature zombies or horror material.

Fatally-Yours: Horror Reviews
At Fatally-Yours.com, we do things "For the Love of Horror." From horror enthusiasts across the world to fellow movers and shakers within the horror industry, our deadicated fanbase comes to Fatally-Yours.com on a daily basis for informative and entertaining reviews on horror movies (old and new! studio releases and low-budget indie productions!), horror novels, horror comics and our exclusive Gory Gear product spotlights!.

Well….Horror Society is the branchild of me (DrGore) and a few devoted fans of the genre. Horror Society is a small but personal place where you can come and hang out for a while. Unlike the other bigger and better sites, we dont have any links to the hollywood horror news, and are not controlled by the same laws they are...

Your genial (g)hosts are Sue and Del Howison, who formed Dark Delicacies in 1994. We started selling at conventions, and opened the store December 3, 1994. We have been featured on the SciFi Channel's SciFi Buzz

custom horror graphics by commission, reviews of all genre related media, interviews, articles news and promotion.
Come on in and sit a spell by the fire. Within these pages you’ll find horror news (generally pertaining to a backwoods, southern theme), rants and ravings, and eventually some audio and video. Right now I’m still learning about Wordpress and all its myriad functions so the site doesn’t look like much. In time it should be the beacon of backwoods horror goodness I want it to be.

HorrorMad is the online horror store, whether you are looking for dvd´s, books or anything else you may fancy! We have a large selection of genres, from Asian horror to Classic Italian Movies! You will also find a great range of accessories like keyrings and anything else you might think of. Apart from all this there is also a huge range of great looking posters guaranteed not to disappoint! We've got enough to give you nightmares for a long time!

Reviews for Horror Movies, Books and Games plus News, Trailers/Videos and more Description. Your number one source for horror movies, reviews, news, trailer/videos, games, books plus serial killers, unexplained mystery, demonology, vampires, werewolfs, horror forum and more.



Revenant Magazine is your online source for zombie related news and info. From interviews with indie directors, comic artists and writers to our own indie zombie film festival. If it's dead and all messed up, we're covering it...

Hell-o and welcome to the unearthing of GIRLS AND CORPSES -- "the world's first comedy magazine about death." You know you've been thinking about it... dreaming about it... well now, here it finally is!


Gothic - A deep and varied portal dedicate to the dark life of the gothic subculture, gothic fashion, gothic poems, music, dating, tourism, and goths culture.

Zombie Market

Zombie Market is a directory for zombie goods and gear on the internet.

The place to go when all hell breaks loose! ZombieMall.com was created because of a fascination of zombies. I've always wondered what it would be like, how I would survive if my friends and I were trapped in a mall (for me it was always the Mall of Memphis which has long been torn down), surrounded by zombies. It's the stuff you can only dream about or see in a movie. However, from that deep fascination and endless hours of pondering that ZombieMall.com was born. Afterall, where will you go when all hell breaks loose? One day the dead will rise, and one day we will all need to be prepared. You can either survive, or die. So grab your weapon of choice and begin preparing. Me? I've already got a plan, and it involves going to the mall...

The Undead are Online! Buy Zombie attempts to bring you a central place to find anything Zombie related for sale online!

One Stop Chomp For Zombie Gear.

Zombie Influx:
The dead are rising from their graves in search of human prey... Sharpen your axes, barricade your doors and prepare for the Zombie Influx! This nightmare soundscape creates the horror and panic of a zombie invasion with eerie sound effects, emergency news bulletins, and cinematic music. $10.00 This debut CD from Buzz-Works features performances by Jeff Hartz, co-written and produced by Joseph Vargo, engineered by William Piotrowski.

Original horror t shirts! From zombies to dead cheerleaders, what ever your horror fave, you'll find it at Bite Mark Clothing!


A one stop shop for all your zombie killing needs.


3D Zombie targets and more

Other Links

Other Links


The Links section is a network of sponsor websites that sponsor zombiehub.com.This is a general list though most of these sites can also me found throughout the website in other places.

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