Zombie Research

Zombie research ir the science behind zombies, zombie existence could be closer than you think? This section is full of research articles and theories about the existence of real zombies.

Voodoo Zombies
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Real Zombies

Most of the historical research of zombie comes where they have originated, the Caribbean island of Haiti. The original type of real zombies are people who were manipulated by some kind of drug created by a voodoo priest and used as slave labor. these are also known as Haiti zombies or voodoo zombies.

Modern zombie research help to explain possible origins of future real life zombies. With all kinds of natural types of zombies there is a science behind it. All these natural forms of zombies share one major component, behavior modification. Some how the organisms brain is affected and that organism does not act normal. In animals, such as humans, complex behaviors or cognition are controlled by the outermost layer of the brain called the cerebral cortex. If something is to happen to change the cerebral cortex then the animal’s behavior will change as well. Even if the cortex is removed the animal will be able to live but will only act on primitive instinctive actions.

Much like the chemicals used by voodoo priests many things exist that can affect and or damage the brain. If there is something that is able to specifically target the cortex without damaging other parts of the brain required for life then it is possible for that animal to continue living with altered or no personality. Many things in nature that have been discovered that can do this.

Parasitism is a type of symbiotic relationship between two different species. The parasite benefits and the host is harmed.” Some Parasites have the potential to cause behavior modification in their effected hosts. This change in behavior has already been documented in many species, including humans. Parasites need a way to transfer from host to host; this could be easily done through the exchange of bodily fluids. This could be done though blood transfusions, unprotected sex or even by biting each other.. It is possible that the parasite to alter a human’s behavior so that he desires to bits and feed on other humans.

Viruses are microscopic infectious agents that come in many shapes and sizes. Unfortunately viruses do not contain the necessary components needed to carry out the basic chemical reactions required for life. Because they can’t live on their own they infect host cells of other organisms to help them survive and reproduce. Like a parasite, viruses need to find ways to spread to new host cells in order to continue living. They have discovered many different ways to spread to new host organisms. The influenza virus transmits through a sneeze or a cough. Many have the ability to change the DNA of the host cell. Some viruses have even found ways to change the behavior of the host organisms.

Reanimation is to bring something that is non-living to life or something that was once living back to life. In many mythological stories of magic and science fiction powerful beings were able to re-animate rocks, sticks, or even dead corpses. Like in the story of Frankenstein; dead tissues were fused together and then alter re-animated bringing the dead body back to life. Is the really so far fetched? As disturbing as it may sound, in the late 1930’s Soviet scientists experimented with re-animation and some of these experiments were very successful. Could this be a new way of zombie creation?