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General Survival Skills

Zombie survival requires very specific skills. There are many skills and techniques a person may utilize to survive dangerous situations. Many different types of disasters and many different types of environments present many types of dangers. Humans require a few necessities to survive which typically include food, water, shelter and first aid. Techniques have been developed to cope with these different scenarios; this section will focus on surviving situations which involve zombies.

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Preparation is the key to surviving any type of hazardous situation, both physically and mentally, the same applies for surviving an encounter with zombies. The first step is to understand what a zombie is, see the Zombiclopedia section for a broad view of what a zombie is.

Important Zombie Factors

There are also many different types of potential zombies. It would be very beneficial if the type of zombie was known, this would allow you to know the specific zombies strengths and weaknesses. Check Zombie Taxonomy for more details in this area.

Other factors are to be considered in zombie survival including the number of zombies present and the potential of the zombie-like condition to spread or increase. Potential dangers as well as survival techniques change according to the scale of the zombie population and its ability to multiply. It is important to develop Grade and Stage system for these factors.


Every survival situation is different; even though it is impossible to prepare for everything it is important to identify the most severe situations. Create an emergency survival kit and keep it in a place that is easy to get at. You might even have smaller versions in your car or travel bag just in case. Take classes and courses to broaden your knowledge about what to do in various survival situations. Buy survival manuals and create a reference library.

Take time every week to think or plans about what you would do in different situations and reevaluate your plans. Mental preparation is one of the most important components of successful survival. The more you have these ideas in your mind the easier it is to recall them in a real situation.

Keep your body in good physical condition. Try to fit in a routine workout schedule, an in-shape healthy body is important considering if any combat, running is required. A healthy physiological system will also allow you to endure more strenuous activities longer. It will also make the mind sharper and thought processes faster. Rehearse activities that might present them selves in a zombie encounter. The more you practice the better you become.

Food and Water

The other most Essential components of zombie survival include food and water. Humans can not go more than three days without water in optimal conditions, and a much shorter time stranded and stressed under siege from a zombie outbreak. And even though food is not as important, without it humans become physically and mentally fatigued which leads to making mistakes. There is no room for mistakes in most zombie encounters. It might be nessassary to find some kind of transportation to a safer location or one more plentiful of food and water.

Shelter and Combat

One of the basic fundamental factors in human preservation as well as zombie survival is shelter. Not only is shelter important to protect us from the wrath of Mother Nature but in this case safety from zombies.

Generally the best way to survive a zombie situation is to not be in the same place as the zombies, unfortunately this is not always that easy to do. It is unpredictable to know exactly where you are going to be when you encounter a zombie. More than likely in order survive a situation including more than a handful of zombies some combat skills are going to be required. It is a good idea to develop some Zombie Weapon proficiency. Weapons can potentially give a great advantage in any defense and attack strategies.

First Aid

Although not as important as food, water or shelter; medical care is very important for surviving any disaster situations. During the event of a zombie attack or even the process of running from zombies greatly increases the risk of injury. First aid, just like other preparation factors, is an important subject that requires training and education. The American Red Cross offers training courses in first and CPR, as well as more information on disaster first aid.

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